Our business


CODEPRIM International, founded in 1987, is engaged in international trading of steel products and building materials and represents manufacturers of finishing products for building.

The products are marketed and shown to a specialized clientele of wholesalers / importers, construction companies, shipyards, steel construction industries, mining and extraction of raw materials, etc …

Our export activities are mainly orientated to Africa, Madagascar, the French overseas departments and territories (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, French Polynesia and New Caledonia.

Our supplies mainly come from the European Union, Turkey, Asia and Brazil. We have a purchasing office in China and Brazil.

CODEPRIM International works with about 120 suppliers based in a number of countries.

In order to carry out our exports, we have maintained daily relationships with shipping and transport companies for over 20 years.

Finally, we represent manufacturers for all or part of our business in the fields of activity in tea areas of construction materials such as ceilings and framings, plasterboards, laminates, doors and gates, doors and engineered door frames, glue, patching and additional, insulation and building hardware, etc…